CQ, CQ, CQ, this is KILO-ROMEO-FOUR-ZULU-ALPHA-NOVEMBER calling for CQ!……………… CQ, CQ, CQ, this is KR4ZAN in Harlingen Texas, calling for CQ!…… CQ, CQ, CQ.


… and so begins the afternoon of a ham radio operator in the hopes of making a contact, also called a QSO, in order to make enough contacts to win an award, or to make new friends in far-away places unheard of by him before.

Thank you for finding my web page/blog.  My name is Richard and I started this site at the request of my students.  I am an early college teacher who also teaches a ham class after school.  In here, you will eventually find information on how to become a ham operator, and other good tidbits about the radio waves.

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This is KR4ZAN, clear.