eQSL 50 country certificate

eQSL 50 country certificate

Following are some of my confirmed QSOs (QSO is ham slang for contact) on eQSL.  When you contact someone, it is customary to send QSL cards to confirm the contact, the conversation, or to thank them for taking the time to converse with you.

These cards can be sent via regular postal mail, or via several of the electronic logbooks such as eQSL or LoTW. There are various reasons you might want to do that:

  1. Confirmations are necessary for awards.
  2. Part of the radio hobby is to collect QSL cards.
  3. Pure enjoyment of sending and receiving something in your postal mailbox.

Your logbook and your QSL cards (cardboard, electronic, or otherwise) go hand in hand.  When you make a contact, you log it in your logbook and then send and receive a QSL card. Part of the excitement is waiting to receive a card, that’s why you must always send one.  Just follow the old adage, “To get one, send one.” However, do not get discouraged if you don’t receive the same number of cards that you send out.  Sometimes cards get lost in the mail, stolen (after all, they are unique), or the recipient of your card never bothered to send one back; please, never be this kind of person!

The following cards are examples of what I have received via eQSL.cc













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