A net meeting is a gathering of amateurs who get together for a specific purpose over a repeater or on a pre-determined frequency, day, and time. We have one such net for rag-chewing (ham slang for talking about anything and everything).

Join us every Sunday live at 8:00 PM local, (Monday, 01:00 UTC), for our weekly Net Meeting.  If you do not have a ham radio license yet, you can still listen in on this page.  If you do have a ham license and are in our area, please join in with your 70-cm radio set to 441.600+ PL 114.8.

This is a directed net, so please wait for your turn.  You may post comments,  questions, kudos, or greetings on this page and we will gladly mention them on the transmission.  Have fun, but make sure it is clean fun.  Remember that the world is listening in.


Sundays 8:00 PM Net meeting
Mondays 8:00 PM Morse code (review of what was covered Wednesday class at school)

If you click on the words that say “USTREAM” in the black frame, you will be taken to some of the previously recorded net meetings we have had. Please leave comments on this page.



Our first meeting took place on Sunday, September 9, 2012, and every participant received a certificate that looked like this:

1st Net Participation Certificate

1st Net Participation Certificate