The DXCC award is a coveted prize given in the form of a certificate to any ham station that has contacted 100 “entities” outside of his/her country and around the world.  Calling the “entities” countries would be a misnomer because not every entity is a country in the traditional sense of the word. For example, USA, Alaska, and Hawaii count as three different entities, even though AK and HI are part of the USA.

The term DXCC comes from DX, meaning long distance, and CC, meaning Century Club. This award is also known as the DX Century Club award.

Below you can see how I am doing in achieving this award.  I Started my DXCC journey in February of 2012 and by August of 2014 (over two years) I have contacted 69 entities that have been confirmed and validated.

According to my personal log and HRDlog.net, I have contacted 82 entities as of today (August 2014). This is because not everyone sends a card or is an LoTW member.  This is a good time to give you the good advice to send a card always AND enter your contact in the LoTW website as these are pretty much the only ways you can get this popular award.

A rather comprehensive document on how to earn this award is found here.