The Mercedes Early College Academy Amateur Radio Club (MECA-ARC) has  headquarters on the second floor of the school building. This space is part classroom/part shack.

We have four desks for formal classes, a dry-erase board, and a teacher desk (we reached a compromise with school administration and the room is also used for testing during state exams when necessary). There are two computers with ham programs, including Echolink. two small radios to keep us busy: a dual UHF/VHF FT-8500 connected to Echolink for our own repeater linking and a Realistic HTX-10 for world-wide communications on 10-meters-only.

Most of the students hold technician licenses and have not gathered the courage to jump into the General class book.  An FT-857D will be installed when the first operator presents me with his/her General Class license. We also have some HTs that students can check out until they get their own so they can participate in our weekly net meetings.


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